Weekend Warrior: 3 Ways to Find Relief with Minimal Downtime.

Weekend Warrior: 3 Ways to Find Relief with Minimal Downtime.

First, let's set the record straight: what defines a weekend warrior?


When we talk about the weekend warrior here, we are referring to all adults who generally spend their work week sitting at their desk. When they have free time on weekends to move, they practice popular activities like running, tennis, golf… or undertake manual work like renovations or projects that require a lot of physical effort.


Even this type of irregular physical activity can be very beneficial for the body. Indeed, several studies have succeeded in demonstrating that exercise does not need to be practised on a regular basis to be beneficial. The takeaway : the Weekend Warrior also gets all the mental and physical fitness perks.


However, condensing all of your weekly physical activities into 2 days has a significant drawback: the risk of injury is higher and repeated movements can more easily cause persistent or chronic pain, most often in the neck, shoulder, forearm, hand, wrist, elbow and lower limbs.


3 ways to find quick and easy relief


1- Stretching

Having your muscles work overtime? A good stretching session will stimulate blood flow and break down lactic acid buildup. The key: gentle movements to avoid further damage to your muscle groups. Go easy!


2- Self-massage

Work hard, rest hard! Self-massage has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the muscle. The body increases the secretion of endorphins (natural painkillers), which promotes muscle relaxation and helps reduce stress.


In addition to being pleasant, the benefits do not stop there! Self-massage also reduces the risk of injury and optimizes the speed of muscle recovery.


3- Topical solutions

Not only are pain relief creams effective in reducing localized pain, they do so without the negative side effects typically associated with pill-based treatment options.


For fast and effective localized relief, our experts recommend using a next-generation cream like awaye™, that works in symbiosis with your body to treat pain at its source instead of simply distracting your senses from pain. 

awaye™ has a unique formulation combining two active ingredients and specifically targets the endocannabinoid system, a system in the body involved in the relief of pain and inflammation.


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