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3 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain if You’re Over 65

Whether it's back pain, arthritis, or an old injury that never healed well, suffering from recurring pain is never pleasant. If this is your case, you are far from alone. Indeed, Statistics Canada has shown that more than 27%[1] of Canadian adults over the age of 65 live with a chronic illness.


The magic formula to reduce pain

Using a multidisciplinary approach to treat chronic pain is most likely to be effective, and treatment plans should include both physiological and psychological options. This is why our experts recommend practicing these 3 solutions all together for optimal pain relief.


1- Manual Therapy

Practiced by different professionals from various fields: physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, etiopathy... manual therapy is a treatment and assessment approach that encompasses many techniques that help reduce pain and swelling, minimize inflammation and increase range of motion.

 Some people will experience relief that lasts over time after just one session of manual therapy, for others it will take a more hands-on treatment plan.


2- Mindfulness

The mind-body connection is beautiful and very real. Indeed, practicing mindfulness can be an effective way to relieve physical pain and improve physical functioning.

The scientific journal Pain Medicine has succeeded in proving with the help of a study[2] carried out with subjects aged 65 and over that mindfulness is an effective non-pharmacological mind-body therapy in older people with chronic low back pain (cLBP ). They also suggest it may be effective for other types of chronic pain.


3- A Topical Solution

After tackling the physiological and psychological aspects of chronic pain, it may be interesting to explore topical solutions.

An excellent alternative to oral medication, the application of analgesic creams can provide local pain relief. However, the majority of solutions on the market offer superficial and very short-lived relief.

That's why our experts suggest you choose a cream that doesn't have the effect of distracting your senses from pain, but rather works with your body to treat pain at its source.


awaye for example, is the first pain relief cream of its kind, therefore embodying a new generation of acute and chronic pain relief.

Its unique formulation combines two active ingredients, capsaicin and ß-caryophyllene, which target the endocannabinoid system and work in perfect synergy with the body to provide fast and effective pain relief.



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